Zafferano Glass Art–Murano’s Finest!

Zafferano Glass Art — A Family Tradition

Venetian Zafferano glass art is a tradition that has lasted for over hundreds of years.  In the 1970’s on Murano, an island near Venice, Federico de Majo began a family business creating beautiful glass art.   Today, he is not working with his family anymore, and only a small portion of Zafferano production is made on Venice.

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Zafferano Glass Art — Today

The design and production of the Zafferano hand-made glass ware and dishes collection, introduces an artistic and cultural element to fine food and wine.  Zafferano provides a range of styles, designs and colors in each piece of glass art.

Zafferano Glass Art

Each piece is a unique valuable work of art – hand crafted, the glasses are mouth blown using age-old techniques.  Skilled workers ensure the Zafferano craft-based method.  The hand made inscribed logo “Z” for Zafferano is proof that each product is certified.

Zafferano Glass Art

Zafferano Glass Art







From the Zafferano site, “The work of Federico de Majo draws inspiration from the visual and the most traditional of lines to other with a singularly technical content, reflecting an enthusiasm for innovation and research.”

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Zafferano Glass Art

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