Vacation British Virgin Islands

Vacation in the British Virgin Islands

Thanks to Eggbert, our Captain , we were able to get from Tortola to the Virgin Gorda Baths for the day.  The Tourism Office introduced us to Eggbert and it was faster to go in his boat, rather than take the ferry from Tortola to Virgin Gorda, and then have to take a taxi to the Baths.

We took a “one-of-a-kind bath” in the Virgin Gorda Baths, BVI! Make sure you put it on your list of things to do as you Vacation to the British Virgin Islands! It is a must!

After hiking through a maze of giant-size granite boulders, we arrived at Devil’s Bay, and snorkeled all afternoon in the crystal clear waters.

We love how these photos tell the story or at least provide the beautiful setting for you to come and write your own story!







Hiking through Boulders on British Virgin Islands

The beaches were so beautiful and we couldn’t get over the white sand and clear water!Vacation British Virgin Islands

These boulders were incredible and made our hike exciting as we got to pose and hide around each one during our Vacation in the British Virgin Islands!Vacation British Virgin Islands

This is a perfect location for families to come and vacation as well. The clear safe waters and beaches provide hours of play for the entire family of all ages!

Vacation British Virgin Islands

So much fun can be had in the beautiful crystal clear waters. Snorkeling or Sailing await as you Vacation in the British Virgin Islands!

Vacation British Virgin Islands

There really is so much to discover as you go through and between each of these massive granite boulders!

The people and all our our guides on this trip were amazing and we can’t wait to turn and Vacation again in the British Virgin Islands!

Travel Acknowledgements

Written by Patricia Stone on assignment for Global Adventuress.