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Our families shared a summer day in Seattle and the adults and kids loved it!  After visiting some of the Emerald City’s highlights, we want to go back to visit Seattle and see more. Here’s our list of recommendations of Seattle Things to Do!

First up on the list is

1. Collections Cafe!

While meandering through Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum and its’ gardens, we came across the Collections Café.  Light and airy Scandanavian design, the indoor/outdoor luncheon place features a variety of unusual collections (82-of 500-accordians, bottle openers, fishing tackle, rod iron dogs . . . ).  The Collections Café hostess shared with us that Dale Chihuly is a world famous local glass artist and he wanted to share some of his personal collections at this café.  She said that “Since his days as a boy searching for beach glass on the shores of Puget Sound, Chihuly has been collecting — from carnival chalkware, vintage accordions, radios, cameras, and shaving brushes to tin toys.”  And to top it off, the fresh, local, healthy menu was delightfully delicious!  We highly recommend their watermelon salad, salmon, scallops, and Hunger steak—delicately prepared and flavorful. Daniel, our 11 yr. old “I had a variety of food that was really good.”  Our boys finished everything on their plates.

Located at Seattle Center 305 Harrison St adjacent to the Space Needle.  Good to make an advanced reservation by calling 206.753.4940.

Seattle Things to Do Seattle Things to Do IMG_5802 Seattle Things to Do

2. Duck Bus

We started our morning riding on the Duck Bus—a land/sea bus giving a full, unique tour of old and new Seattle!  Our driver was excellent:  part singer, part comedian with fun and interesting facts about this great Port City.  Highlights for our boys were his ever changing wigs, entertaining soundtracks—that we actually drove into Lake Union and back out again(!?)–the Sea Hawks and Mariners Stadium, and the story of the 1829 fire that burned 29 blocks of downtown Seattle and how the people took 20 years to rebuild.  Mom loved olde town—the beautiful hanging flower baskets and intriguing shops.   Our boys said “the driver was fun and crazy!”

3. The Bullitt Center – Green Building of the Future

The Bullitt Center is the greenest commercial building in the world, and demonstrates accurately how the modern workplace can be transformed into a living building using the principles of sustainability.  Tours of this living building are offered twice weekly to the public.

See how the Living Building Challenge requirements coupled with the concept of a closed loop system is embedded into the fibers, systems and washrooms of the Bullitt Center.

4. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

A meaningful highlight on our list of Seattle Things to do was a visit to the visitor’s center at the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationIts buildings are shaped like boomerangs signifying that what we give to our world comes right back to us.  Each participant is invited to “Enter Curious” and “Leave Inspired.”  Our boys learned how it feels to carry water, build a shelter, and think about how to solve problems of hunger, needed vaccinations, and education.   Daniel was surprised “the buckets are so heavy, and it’s hard to believe that people carry these every day over long distances”.  A great center to visit and learn how you can help to make a difference in the world.


5. Space Needle

Seattle’s Space Needle is a must!  Built for the World’s Fair in 1962, this structure towers over the city offering spectacular 360 degree views of the Olympic Mountain Range, Queen Anne neighborhood, Lake Union and Lake Washington as well as the Puget Sound.  We travelled to the top in an exterior capsulized elevator—lots of “WOW’s” here!   Will, our 7 yr. old, exclaimed “It’s really high! And I liked the binoculars.”  Elijah, our 15 yr old, “I don’t do well with heights but the views are sweet in every direction, and I forgot about how high we were.”

Seattle Things to Do Seattle Things to Do

Along the Puget Sound waterfront, the Seattle Art Museum has a beautiful outdoor Sculpture Park and we enjoyed some shadow play, as well as interacting with the latest installation by local artist Heather Hart’s “Western Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother”.

IMG_7600 IMG_7624

IMG_7598 IMG_7601

6. Boat Ride on Lake Washington

Ended our sunny day with a speed boat ride on Lake Washington—doesn’t get better than this!  “I loved the waves—so fun!”  “Got to see where Boeing builds their airplanes!”  “Favorite part?  Learning to drive the boat!”  “Stewart Park and Mercer Island—green retreats so near to downtown.”

Seattle Things to Do

6. Amazon Spheres

Visit The Spheres, Amazon’s three connected glass-domed green spaces — home to 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries.


It’s incredible to see this unique architectural structure filled with thousands of plants, from orchids and passion flowers, to spike moss to fan-leaved aloe curated with the help of botanical gardens and universities world-wide.  Open to the public two Saturdays per month.  Book your tour 30 days in advance – click here!


We’d like to thank Collections Café, Amazon Spheres, The Bullitt Center and the Space Needle for hosting us.


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  • Nels and Kathy Hansen says:

    So glad you were able to have such a great day in Seattle! We love it there when the sun is shining 🙂 Only a 2 1/2 hr drive for us!

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