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The Best of Turks and Caicos

Where can you find…Mermaids? Pink Flamingos? The 3rd largest barrier reef, and the Best Beach in the World?!  In Turks and Caicos, aka the "TCI", short for Turks & Caicos Islands.  Comprised of 40 islands and cays, TCI is where you'll discover the largest caves in the Caribbean, snorkel the third largest barrier reef in the World, and if you're lucky, you'll meet the resident mermaid "Josie" and dolphin named “JoJo”!     We left a winter storm, took off from JFK's icy runways, and flew south  to sunny TCI to discover the unique natural, historical and cultural wonders of these islands. Humpback whales were migrating off the coast of Middle Caicos, and it was...
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24 Hour Getaway to Four Seasons Vancouver

Found another great escape in the Pacific Northwest!  Whether you need a getaway for just you, or with your sweetie or family, read on.  I opted to go solo.  After a long week of meetings and a never ending “To Do” list, I “checked out” of reality for 24 hrs, and “checked in” to the Four Seasons Vancouver. Just a few hours drive north from Seattle, the views were scenic and the approach to Vancouver, B.C. spectacular.  When you see the mountains meeting the sea, you’ve arrived. Within 24 hours, you receive the Four Seasons “pink carpet” treatment.  Here are some of the highlights. Big Smile Welcome!   Doors will…

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Fraser Valley: Love Local, Buy Local

Fraser Valley: Love Local, Buy Local

There’s a valley in British Columbia where horses roam, farms flourish, and visitors flock to take in the fresh air, country peace and quiet.  Within an hour south of Vancouver, we took a daytrip to Fraser Valley to visit local farm vendors, pick berries, taste artisan cheeses and cured meats, savor homemade preserves, sip fine wines…under a blue canopy sky!  It was heavenly. Since the late 1800’s, families have been settling into Fraser Valley, drawn by its natural beauty and vast fertile lands.   Townships like Abbotsford has 1,282 farms and 3 wineries, and Langley with 1,360 farms and 20+ are…

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Vancouver - Capilano

Vancouver’s Green Thumb

Ready for a Green Getaway? We just returned from one of the greenest cities in the world – Vancouver!  Just about everything we saw, ate, and where we stayed was green.  Living green is on everyone’s mind starting with Mayor Gregor Robertson who is leading a citywide green pledge that “Vancouver will be the “greenest city in the world by 2020.”  Canada’s greenest city, Vancouver is leading the way for a model global community. Its leaders and citizens collaborate to find ways for social, economic, and environmental sustainable living.  Vancouver’s green thumb is winning awards, making a difference in communities, and green…

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Tofino’s Culinary Masterpieces

Tofino is a culinary destination! This town’s boat-to-table food culture thrives here with talented chefs, farmers, fishermen, harvesters, and purveyors. Chef’s creations are inspired by the season’s bounty, and local abundant supply of fresh produce and fish. In fact, every May, there’s a Feast Tofino, a month-long celebration of coastal food featuring resident and regional chefs, special events and exquisite menu features. We met visiting Chef Trevor Bird from Fable during the Themed Week for Shellfish. #feasttofino See our list of dining recommendations below. DINE: 1.  The Pointe Restaurant: Known as one of Vancouver Island’s top dining destinations, The…

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Natural Wonders Await in Tofino

There are many routes to the “end of the road, where the ocean begins” in Tofino, British Columbia.  Whatever route you take, you’ll be rewarded with the stunning natural beauty surrounding this Canadian gem. Like all great places in the World, this destination justifies the journey. Only 1,800 residents call Tofino home, and over 1 million tourists visit year round. Located on Vancouver Island’s western coast, visitors come to fish, surf, storm watch, beachcomb, hike, kayak, bike, boat, and enjoy the most spectacular scenery and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Locals claim Tofino is “half the pace, twice the pleasure!” Here’s…

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Lummi Island, a Haven for Nature & Food Lovers

Looking for a great escape in the Pacific Northwest?  Just north of Seattle, and south of Vancouver, Canada, you’ll find one of the San Juan Island’s best kept secrets.  Tranquil Lummi Island has only 800 residents and is home to The Willows Inn, a perfect getaway anytime of year. Reid Johnson, PR Director for The Willows Inn introduced us to this island “Lummi Island is located in the archipelago that includes the San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands in the Salish Sea, the waters off the coasts of the Pacific Northwest and southwest Canada. This is a place crowded with mountains, volcanoes, rivers,…

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Barefoot Luxury on North Island

Ready for a once in a lifetime tropical experience?  Head to North Island, a private island resort in the Seychelles.  The North Island Resort combines natural beauty with sheer luxury.   Wayne Milgate, General Manager, welcomes us with this philosophy, “We developed North Island in recognition of its potential as a Noah’s Ark; a sanctuary where natural habitats could be rehabilitated and given a place to regenerate.  Our offering is the same for you, to provide you the very best in privacy, location, accommodation and experience.”    Prince William & Duchess Kate came here for their honeymoon, to find privacy and barefoot…

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Masdar Takes the Carbon Free Challenge

Reuse.  Reduce. Recycle.  We’ve heard the call to action to keep our world green.  And now, there is a city that is going ALL green.  Or at least it’s trying to.  Green technologies, sustainable building materials, solar panels, shaded windows, high-tech wind towers are being tested in Masdar City’s petri dish.   Their goal?  to be an ecologically sustainable, zero waste city. On a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, Victoria, a Global Adventuress Correspondent, headed 11 miles to Masdar for a private tour of one of the World’s first planned “zero carbon” cities. Here’s her experience… After parking our “carbon not-free” mini-van in the outer parking lot to Masdar,…

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Adopt a Turtle

We Adopted a Turtle! Her Name is Caribelle…

Adoption Announcement!  Global Adventuress is now the proud parent of Caribelle, a Hawksbill sea turtle tagged at Lover’s Beach Four Seasons Nevis, West Indies. Vitals:  Shell Length 31.5 inches and Turtle Weight 150-200 lbs. Our adopted turtle is quite an “Adventuress” and last we checked she has traveled 373 miles and now spending a lot of time at Antigua Barbuda. Where is our Caribelle today? Click here to find out: €¦ Sea turtles have been on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs, but today they are in danger of extinction. Want to Adopt a Turtle? Give these ancient creatures a fighting chance at…

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