Mexico’s Magical Towns of Puebla

Before this vacation, we thought of "Mexico" as a destination for a beautiful beach holiday, however after visiting the state of Puebla we know that it is so much more.

72 Hours in Palm Springs
a California Desert Oasis

During the winter months and throughout the year, vacationers flock to Southern California for warmth, sun, and endless fun!

Music City Hits High Notes – a Weekend in Nashville

Music City is more than just a nickname for the world-renowned capital of Tennessee… it literally defines the city, and oftentimes defines the memories and experiences that visitors return home with.

The Azores
a hidden gem in the Atlantic

The unique landscape of the Azores features majestic beaches (many with Hawaii-like black volcanic sand), beautiful hills and mountains, lush greenery and breathtaking ocean views, all surrounded by brilliant blue waters of the Atlantic.

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Calgary 21

24 Hours in Calgary

Calgary is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, located in Alberta, and called “the Heart of the New West” in Canada.  Before you head north to the Rockies, spend at least 24 hours in Calgary and explore the city streets, river walks, islands, restaurants – see our recommendations below.   Sleep! Westin Calgary: – best “heavenly” beds and centrally located downtown. Hotel Arts: heard this boutique hotel is stylish and very chic. Eat! River Café: a lovely restaurant in Calgary located on Prince’s Island Park – just a few minutes stroll from downtown. We dined outdoors on the terrace and enjoyed…

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Moraine - 1

Banff National Park – a Canadian Rockie High!

Banff National Park is one of the top national parks in Canada with 2,564 miles of beautiful scenery – mountain peaks, forests, rivers and glacial lakes. Millions visit this park each year to hike, cycle, kayak, canoe during the summer months, and ski, snowshoe in the wintertime. We visited the Banff area during August, and found we could have stayed another week there was so much to do!  The scenic route from Calgary to Banff, then onto Lake Louise was majestic.  Known to be one of the world’s most scenic drives, this route continues through the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies,…

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HR 1

Grand Canyon of the Pacific Northwest – The Columbia Gorge

With the top down, we were taking in the summer sun as we headed to the Columbia Gorge, the “Grand” Canyon of the Pacific Northwest.  SUV’s were in every highway lane, headed in the same direction, loaded with kayaks on rooftops and bikes hanging off the backsides.   Follow the 1,243 mile Columbia River that flows south from Alberta, Canada, and cuts westwards along the borders of Washington and Oregon through 80 miles of canyons, and you’ll discover why spandex-clad cyclists, surfers with six pack abs flock here. This area offers plenty of recreational activities from world-class rafting, kiteboarding, windsurfing, bicycling, hiking, golfing, horseback…

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GA - World Recipe - Apple Beet Salad - Hawksworth - Hotel Georgia - Vancouver

World Recipe: Apple Beet Salad – Hawksworth Restaurant, Vancouver B.C.

Introducing our World Recipe Series where we share our favorite recipes from Top Chefs throughout the world! Here’s a delicious recipe from Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth Restaurant, Vancouver B.C. Apple Beet Salad Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 apples segments (thinly sliced) 12 pickled beets, red and yellow 1 tbsp fresh dill 4 large handfuls of arugula 20 candied walnuts 200 gram of fresh chevre 100 ml caramelized honey vinaigrette (R)   Caramelised Honey Vinaigrette   Ingredients: 50 ml honey Zest of 1 orange 1 sprigs thyme 1 tsp fennel seed 1 tsp coriander seed 50 ml champagne vinegar 50 ml…

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Hidalgo 14, 73990 Tepeyahualco, #01 222 265 8905

Mexico’s Magical Towns of Puebla

Hotel Descanseria Mexico's Magical Towns of Puebla Before this vacation, we thought of "Mexico" as a destination for a beautiful beach holiday, however after visiting the state of Puebla we know that it is so much more. Our family visited the city of Puebla and its surrounding magical towns in June and had a wonderful time! History, culture, adventure, natural beauty, colonial Spanish architecture, and incredible food are all part of Puebla – a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Just 75 miles southeast of Mexico City, Puebla is the 4th largest city in the country, but undoubtedly the culinary capital of...
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24 Hour Getaway to Four Seasons Vancouver

Found another great escape in the Pacific Northwest!  Whether you need a getaway for just you, or with your sweetie or family, read on.  I opted to go solo.  After a long week of meetings and a never ending “To Do” list, I “checked out” of reality for 24 hrs, and “checked in” to the Four Seasons Vancouver. Just a few hours drive north from Seattle, the views were scenic and the approach to Vancouver, B.C. spectacular.  When you see the mountains meeting the sea, you’ve arrived. Within 24 hours, you receive the Four Seasons “pink carpet” treatment.  Here are some of the highlights. Big Smile Welcome!   Doors will…

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Fraser Valley: Love Local, Buy Local

Fraser Valley: Love Local, Buy Local

There’s a valley in British Columbia where horses roam, farms flourish, and visitors flock to take in the fresh air, country peace and quiet.  Within an hour south of Vancouver, we took a daytrip to Fraser Valley to visit local farm vendors, pick berries, taste artisan cheeses and cured meats, savor homemade preserves, sip fine wines…under a blue canopy sky!  It was heavenly. Since the late 1800’s, families have been settling into Fraser Valley, drawn by its natural beauty and vast fertile lands.   Townships like Abbotsford has 1,282 farms and 3 wineries, and Langley with 1,360 farms and 20+ are…

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Vancouver - Capilano

Vancouver’s Green Thumb

Ready for a Green Getaway? We just returned from one of the greenest cities in the world – Vancouver!  Just about everything we saw, ate, and where we stayed was green.  Living green is on everyone’s mind starting with Mayor Gregor Robertson who is leading a citywide green pledge that “Vancouver will be the “greenest city in the world by 2020.”  Canada’s greenest city, Vancouver is leading the way for a model global community. Its leaders and citizens collaborate to find ways for social, economic, and environmental sustainable living.  Vancouver’s green thumb is winning awards, making a difference in communities, and green…

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Mexico pyramid

Mexico City & The Red Tree House

If Mexico City isn’t on your Short List of Next Destinations, bump it up. This friendly, culturally rich and highly accessible city is weighed down by assumptions about its size, pollution and safety. But the Mexico City that my good friend Preeti and I found was warm and accommodating with deep history, art and architecture, and endless parks, green spaces and tree lined boulevards. Preeti and I, two women in our early thirties, are game for just about anything and hopped from bar to restaurant and from museum to coffee shop based on the recommendations of the exceedingly friendly waiters,…

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